KB147: MSMQ alarm sometimes appear in the Network Monitor

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KB147: MSMQ alarm sometimes appear in the Network Monitor

The enterprise server summarizes data in realtime. SQL statements that populate the database with stats are queued on MSMQ, and for this two private queues, ~\private$\pf6110ccmenterpriserealtimefiling and ~\private$\pf6110ccminlinetracefiling, are used. The SQLWriter service executes these statements.

The maximum number of statements that can exist on the MSMQ at any given time is controlled by an application option in the prairieFyre.Services.EnterpriseServer.exe.config file. By default, it has been 1,000. If this limit is exceeded, MSMQ alarms appear in the network monitor. In order to accomodate for high traffic centres, this limit has been increased to 10,000. This change has been made in 5.1 SP1, Hotfix KB 147.

  <legacyUnhandledExceptionPolicy enabled="true" />
  <add key="MSMQAlarmSize" value="10000"/>
This hotfix must be installed on your Enterprise Server and you must be running version 5.1
Download the hotfix to your server from here: KB147
Double click the .exe file and follow instructions

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