KB162: Post 5.1 SP2 hotfix rollup

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KB162: Post 5.1 SP2 hotfix rollup

The following fixes have been made in this hotfix:

TFS 2748 Enterprise Server Stops Responding
Sometimes the enterprise service blocks and stops responding. The data collection port (5400) and realtime port (5024) remain open, and hence collector services and CCC remain connected to the enterprise service, but the main thread remains blocked. As a result, the enterprise service remains in a non functional state (including data filing, realtime, summarize, queue control ...). The only way to recover from this state is to restart the enterprise service.

TFS 2816 Queue DND state does not show correctly in realtime when in YourSite the queue's config option 'Generate real-time statistics and reports only within the business hours' is selected

TFS 3320 Agents are getting stuck in an idle state in realtime in 24 hour call centres. Some agents were stuck in an IDLE state in real-time, but in reality they were actively receiving calls. This mostly happenned in 24 hour call centres.

TFS 3321 Need an Audit Mechanism for Queue Now stats in realtime (AA, IDLE, ACD, NonACD, Outbound). This auditing mechanism ensures that queue now stats are in line with the actual agent states. Every minute, agents that are associated with a certain queue are audited and their state gets reflected in the corresponding count in the queue now stats.

TFS 3689 Need an AuditMechanism for Queue Grp Now stats in realtime (AA, IDLE, ACD, NonACD,Outbound). This auditing mechanism ensures that queue grp now stats are inline with the actual agent states. Every minute, agents that areassociated with a certain queue grp are audited and their state getsreflected in the corresponding count in the queue grp now stats.

TFS 3275 Outbound calls with account codes were not being credited correctly. 

TFS 3325 Queue Performance by Period: Intervals that are within business hours sometimes show no data. Only applies to paths that have the "Generate real-time statistics and reports only within the business hours" property selected in Yoursite.
A path starts receiving calls at 8:30. Yet, when "queue performance by period" reports are run for the previous day, no data shows up between the hours of 8:30 and 9:00. Yet when the same report is run for the same path in the current day, data shows correctly.

TFS 3338 If 'R' records are late, collector does not move to a new day correctly. This applies to very busy call centres, especially ones that operate on a 24 hour basis. Sometimes, ACD refresh records ('R') records that contain day information do not arrive on time. In otherwose, they get preceeded by higher priorirty agent events and queue info records. This results in two problems:
1) Some days end up containing records from the next day. This results in invalid agent shift reports
2) When the Yoursite media property "File all ACD stream redundant events" is turned on, sometimes don't we see 'R' records getting filed on an hourly basis as they should.

TFS 3612 [CalculateLastACDIdleFromLastACD] .... comming off of MakeBusy or DND doesn't reset the idle counter
With this registry key turned on, we don't reset the IDLE counter after an agent comes off of a MKB or DND state. Regardless whether this option is turnd on or not, we should always reset the IDLE time when an agent comes removes his/her MKB and DND status.

TFS 3644 When exporting a forecast to 6120, the client app does not reflect the update completely until the app is re-started
The Forecasting server now properly notifies the 6120 Server

TFS 3654 Command timeout resetting when loading data in the 6120
Timeouts not being reset anymore

TFS 3655 Change the error handling for DB errors and unknown errors
DB errors now handled seperatly, and unknown errors no longer force a restart.

Download the following hotfix to the CCM Enterprise Server: KB162
Double-click the .exe file and follow the instructions.

WARNING: Installing the hotfix will Stop and Start ALL prairieFyre services.
It is recommended to install the hotfix outside of regular business hours to avoid any potential service affecting issues.

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