Contact Center Client (CCC) Chat Troubleshooting / FAQ

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Contact Center Client (CCC) Chat Troubleshooting / FAQ

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NOTE:  Contact Center Client Chat is now a return to service only product.  For more information, please see the following article:

I have a user who logs into their CCC but they never appear as online in any other CCC Chat user’s contact list?

This usually means that this client is not able to register itself properly with the server.  Verify that the this client can ping the server using the server’s computer name (this client may still be able to ping the server using the server IP address but this does will not guarantee that the CCC Chat will work; the computer name must be used). The server must also be able to reach the client computer both by IP and computer name.  If pinging the server fails using the server’s computer name, then you must resolve the issue with this client not being able to resolve the server’s computer name.


I have a client who logs into their CCC and they appear as online in all other CCC Chat user contact lists.  This client can send messages to other chat users but other chat users fail to send messages to this client.  What could cause this?


This behaviour is an indication of this one client having a one way communication problem. In this case the server is unable to send messages to this client but the client is able to send messages to the server.  Most probable causes for this are network routing and/or DNS name resolving (NetBIOS) issues with this client and the server.  The server is either unable to resolve the computer name of this client machine or this client machine is behind a proxy or possibly on a different subnet.  Make sure you can ping the client machine from the server using the client machine’s computer name and check to make sure NetBIOS settings are enabled on the server (this can be found by right clicking on the server’s local area network connection, select properties, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and press properties button, click on Advanced button, select the WINS tab).  Make sure that the IP address of the client machine matches the IP address that shows up when you ping the client machine using the client machine’s computer name.

Other Symptoms
The CCC chat shows that a user is online and available to chat, but when sending a message, the error "your message could not be delivered because one or more recipients is offline" is displayed and the message is not sent.

The CCC was not shut down correctly and it's entry in the SQL table tblServiceRegistration was not cleared.  CCC chat establishes a random TCP port in the 5000 range and this random port is associated in the tblServiceRegistration table along with the IP and hostname of the CCC machine.  If this original entry does not get cleared due to a CCC going offline unexpectedly, the next time CCC is started a second instance entry of hostname, IP, and port is created in tblServiceRegistration. There is a high likelihood that a different random port will be chosen. [The "sometimes it works" situation arises when the second instance's port number matches the first instance.] The second instance entry is the true destination IP:PORT of the CCC but the chat engine is attempting to open communication on the port referenced in the first instance and as such it will fail because the CCC doesn't have that port open.

Things to Try

In cases where upgrade is not practical due to custom work, follow these steps to correct the issue:

  1. On the CCC machine, make note of the unreachable CCC username.
  2. Restart the CCC machine that is unreachable by chat.
  3. Ensure CCC is not running; logoff and exit if it is running.
  4. On the CCC machine, open a command prompt and type HOSTNAME and note the name.
  5. Type IPCONFIG and note the IP address.
  6. On the CCM server machine, open SQL Server Management Studio and in CCMData, open the table tblServiceRegistration.
  7. tblServiceRegistration is a large table - scroll to the bottom as client machines entries are typically some of the last rows.
  8. Locate the entry with the CCC username from step #1, Hostname and IP from step #4 and then delete this entry from the table.
    It will be in the format PORT:IP/USERNAME
  9. Restart the unreachable CCC
  10. Try sending a chat to the CCC that was unreachable earlier.
  11. If that does not work, you can run the attached ClearServiceRegistrations.sql script.
    NOTE: All Contact Center Client users would need to be logged out and logged back in after the script is ran.

Applies To

CCM 5.X, 6.X, and 7.X

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