KB255: Interactive Queue Control does not handle schedule...

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KB255: Interactive Queue Control does not handle schedule exclusion days


If Interactive Queue control is configured using a schedule that has an exclusion list of days, then these exclusion days are not being taken into consideration. For example, if the schedule is 8am to 5pm with the Dec 25, 2007 excluded, then queue control still operates on the queue on that day.
The correct behaviour is that queue control perform no operations on the queue during any of the exclusion days.


The prairieFyre Enterprise service does is not properly loading the exclusion days the interactive queue control schedule



Hotfix 255 fixes this issue.


How to apply this fix:

This hotfix must be installed on your Enterprise Server and you must be running version 5.2 with SP1.
Download the hotfix to your server from here: KB255
Double click the .exe file and follow instructions

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