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KB175: Only 1 6150 e-mail can be processed at a time error in Outlook


After Applying hotfix KB924085 to Outlook 2003 sp2, you will get the following error after applying to your second support email:

 Only 1 6150 email can be processed at a time.


To reproduce:

Install the outlook plug-in onto a client running Outlook 2003 with SP2

Then install KB924085 on the system.

After the mandatory reboot fire up outlook and log into the email Queue.

Get a mail and reply to it.

Get the next mail and reply to that.

Note the error


After the specified Microsoft hotfix has been applied, Outlook generates an error when trying to close an e-mail item after doing a reply,  which causes the Outlook plugin to think that there is still an e-mail item open, even when it is closed.  When attempting to open a second e-mail, the plugin refuses to open it and displays the “Only 1 6150 e-mail can be processed at a time” message.


Applies to


Mitel 6150 Outlook Plugin, all versions with

-         Outlook 2003 with KB924085 installed


Apply the following hotfix depending on the version of the CCM that you are running
      - If you are running 5.1, apply hotfix KB175a to your server.
      - If you are running 5.0, apply hotfix KB175b to your server.
      - If you are running 4.5, the hotfix, which is located at KB175c has to be deployed manually on each client machine.  Here are the steps to patch the client
1) Make sure that Outlook is NOT running on the client machine
2) Once downloaded, extract the contents of the KB175c.zip file

3) Copy the PFCyberAED_OL.ocx from the extracted contents to the following folder x:\Program Files\Prairiefyre Software Inc\6100CCS\6110

Note:  If the Client Component Pack is ever re-installed on that machine, the above steps have to be repeated to ensure that you have the fix


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