Summarize request queued. Waiting for summarize start.

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Summarize request queued. Waiting for summarize start.

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When performing a manual Data Summarization, all you see is a message stating that the summarize request is queued, waiting for summarize start.  The summarize never completes.


When executing a manual data summarization from the Contact Center Client, the following message appears:

You can view the pending summarizations by opening SQL Management Studio and expanding the CCMData database.  The dbo.tblServices_Queueing table contains the list of currently queued summarizations.


When a summarization is queued, it is added to a table in SQL, so that multiple computers can queue summarizations at once and they will be performed in the order received.  If a summarization fails or exits ungracefully (ie: the summarization window is closed before it is finished or crashes) the SQL table is never updated with completion and the Enterprise Server thinks that the summarization is still ongoing.


  • Stop the DataProcessor service.
  • Delete the queued summarization request from the SQL database by running the attached flushServicesQueueing.sql script.
  • Execute a new Data Summarization.

    NOTE: Click the following link below for more information about running SQL scripts: KnowledgebaseArticle50611

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CCM/MiCC all Versions

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