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How to skip a media server during Telephone System Synchronization

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In some situations, you may wish to execute an Enterprise wide Telephone System Synchronization but would like to omit one or more of the ICP 3300's from the synchronization.  As an example, you may want to skip the Telephone System Synchronization for an SX-2000 since that media server type does not support synchronization.  This article explains how to skip a media server during a Synchronization.


  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio (Start=>All Programs=>Microsoft SQL Server=>SQL Server Management Studio)
  2. Connect to the SQL Server using the appropriate credentials
  3. Expand Databases=>CCMData
  4. Right-click dbo.tblEnterpriseConfig_Node
    - If using SQL Management 2008, choose "Select Top 200 Rows"
    - If using SQL Management 2005, choose "Open Table"
  5. The table will contain each of the media servers and can be easily identified by the "Name" column
  6. Scroll to the right and look for the "MisyncSkipSync" column
  7. Change the value True for each media server you wish to skip during sync
  8. Launch the Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> regedit)
  9. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/prairieFyre Software Inc/DSCache and look at the directory path.
  10. Browse to that directory from Windows Explorer.
  11. Delete the file.

Applies To

CCM version 5.7 and above

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