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Historical Data Purge Tool - What to do when the SQLExpress database has reached its maximum capacity

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If SQL Express is used in the CCM/IQ environment, it imposes a 10 GB capacity (or 4 GB for SQLExpress 2008 and 2005) on each database. After a certain period of time, the database will fill up to its maximum. The amount of time until the maximum capacity is reach depends on the amount of the site traffic / amount of data collected or the amount of historical data present in the database.

When the maximum has been reached, you may experience different symptoms ; it could be an alarm in the Contact Center Client or the data will simply will not be filled in the Database.

We currently have a purging tool that will help remove the unnecessary data from our databases.

The Purger tool checks the CCMData and CCMStatisticalData databases for the oldest data and displays the size.  It then provides you this information with the option of deleting all historical data up to a specified date.  The Purger will delete historical data, which is consuming disk space.

This tool does not delete any configuration data, only old historical data used for reporting purposes.  If you want to put the data back into SQL after running the tool, just re-summarize using the Contact Center Client.

: The Purger does not work on SQL 2000 databases.


  1. Download the appropriate Purge Tool.
    • For servers running MiCC Version 5.8 or older, use the PurgeToolOld.ZIP.
    • For servers running MiCC Version 6.X, or 7.X, use the PurgeHistoricalDataTool6-7.ZIP.
    • For servers running MiCC Version 8.0 or newer, use the PurgeHistoricalDataTool8.ZIP.
  2. Extract the tool to your CCM server.
  3. Double-click PurgeHistoricalDataTool.exe .
  4. The tool will scan the databases to determine the earliest date and the size.
  5. Choose the date you want to delete all data starting on and up until
  6. Click Purge
  7. The tool will begin purging data

NOTE: This may take a while depending on how much data needs to be purged. Purge one week to start; you can extrapolate from there to determine how long it will take to purge more. Do not purge more than three months at any one time.


The 8.0 Purge tool can read the encrypted registry keys introduced in 8.0.
The 6.0 Purge tool requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed.
The Old version for 5.8 and earlier requires .NET 3.5.


CCM version 5.4 and higher

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