How to Create a Support Package

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How to Create a Support Package

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This article shows how to create a support package within the MiContact Center software. Please note, these instructions may differ slightly by version however the same basic steps are the same. If you require assistance in creating a support package please contact our Customer Support team.

For a video of these instructions, please scroll to the bottom of this article.

NOTE: Your assigned security role must allow you access to the Management Panel in Contact Center Client in order to create a support package. If your security role does not allow access to the Management Panel you cannot create a support package.


  1. Log into the CCM server and launch Contact Center Client (Start=>All Programs=>Mitel=>Contact Center Client)

    (In CCM 5.7, the Contact Center Client can be launched from the server or any desktop with the Client Component Pack installed; but in all later versions, it must be launched on the server.)

  2. Log in to Contact Center Client using a CCM administrator account (any CCM user account which has a security role that allows access to the management panel).

  3. Select Tools=>Management on the menu bar at the top of  Contact Center Client.

  4. Click Support, then choose Create a support package .

  5. You will see this screen:


 If you have been asked to add additional files, or to include specific days' telephone system records, please do so here.  If you do not add anything here, we will receive all the standard server-level logs (but none of the logs from client applications running on the server, or on clients' desktop PCs) and telephone system records from the present day and the day before.

6. Click Next.  The support package will now be created and make take a few moments depending on how much data is included.

7. You will receive confirmation that the Package has been completed; click Finish.
8.  When prompted to download the package, do so, saving it to a place you can find it (such as the server's desktop). 

Alternatively, if the package completes and you do not get prompted to save, you can find the package in the folder prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Websites\CCMWeb\downloads  . (By default, the prairieFyre Software Inc folder will be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\. )  

The package will be named, and the date modified should be today.  

For instructions on how to upload the support package to FTP, please contact MiContact Center Product Support.


The following video provides an illustration of the process.  Please note that it was taken on a 5.7 SP1 system, so the interface will be slightly different in more modern versions.


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