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How to pass Collected Info using an IQ Verified Collected Digits plan

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This articles provides instructions how to pass collected information from Intelligent Queue using a verified collected digit plan.  Collected information is typically data that is extracted from a database (SQL or Excel) which is to be passed to the CCM Enterprise in order for clients to display the data.  The Collected Info data may also be a static value.


Before using the advanced SQL query to pass Collected Info, you must first verify some prerequisites.

  • In IQ under Administration=>Purchased Options, ensure Intelligent Queue is licensed for Remote Database Verification and Advanced Routing

  • In the CCMWeb under Help=>About your Mitel applications, ensure the CCM is licensed for Remote database verification and advanced routing

  • In the CCMWeb under YourSite=>Enterprise=>Screen pop (tab), verify the Display Intelligent Queue licensed options (ANI/DNIS and Collect Caller Entered Digits) on the soft phone pop-up" is enabled

  • In the 6160 under Configure=>Contact Center Management Settings, verify the CCM Address is set and can be pinged

  • In the 6160 under Configure=>PBX Settings, verify the correct PBX Media Name is selected


  1. Launch 6160 (Start=>All Programs=>Mitel=>Intelligent Queue=>6160 Intelligent Queue)
  2. Select Manage=>Actions=>Verified Collected Digits
  3. Select an existing Plan or create a new one
  4. Select the ODBC Parameters tab and set the Query Type to Advanced
  5. Enter your SQL Query:
    SELECT Queue,'PFCOLLECTEDINFO|' + CollectedInfo1 FROM Accounts WHERE Ani = $ANI

    NOTE: The 'PFCOLLECTEDINFO|' is what allows the Collected Info data to be passed on.

    The SQL database has the following structure:

    If a customer with the phone number of (613) 599-0045 calls and hits the IQ-VCD plan, the call will be routed to path 3001 and the Agent's Contact Center Client toaster will pop the information as below:


When the call routes through IQ, it will generate --w records with call info.  These records get inserted into the ACD stream on the PBX node that contains the IQ ports.

Below is an example of how the --w records will look:
--w111606701    9057   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><PFANI>6135990045</PFANI>
--w111606701    9057   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><PFCALLERNAME>S.SALES</PFCALLERNAME>
--w111606701    9057   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><PFDNIS>9050</PFDNIS>
--w111617701    9057   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><PFCOLLECTEDINFO>Customer is VIP</PFCOLLECTEDINFO>

NOTE: 9057 as seen in the records above is the IQ port that handled this call.

The Enterprise will then process the information and send the call details to the RT Client to display in the toaster.  This is an example of what the Enterprise log will look like:

eVerbose  2/10/2011 11:15:12 AM    About to send a ClientInfo message to RT Client
 Mitai call ID : 115
 Client Info Message :
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><Root><PFANI>6135990045</PFANI><PFCALLERNAME>S.SALES</PFCALLERNAME><PFDNIS>9050</PFDNIS><PFDNISNAME>Hunt Group</PFDNISNAME><ReceivingAgent /><ReceivingExtension /><SendingAgent /><SendingExtension /><PFCOLLECTEDINFO>Customer is VIP</PFCOLLECTEDINFO><Queue>8eba4029-20d9-4553-9373-076e2d038dd6</Queue></Root>

NOTE: The Contact Center Client log should contain a similar message as the Enterprise above.  The logging level would need to be in verbose beforehand.


CCM/IQ version 5.6 GA and higher

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