KB41351: 5.7 sp1 Rollup of Hotfixes - KB41351

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KB41351: 5.7 sp1 Rollup of Hotfixes - KB41351

Article ID: 51082 - Last Review: January 15, 2013


If you have installed or upgraded CCM to version 5.7 SP1, prairieFyre highly recommends immediately applying this hotfix. This hot fix addresses several issues that may be seen after an upgrade or install. NOTE: This rollup is for CCM only, not IQ.

The rollup includes all of the following hotfixes:

Hotfix Description
36291 Hold items disappear on force forwards / draft folder not getting cleaned
36810 Unable to load a CCC profile - Exception loading task AgentShiftTask
38538 Enterprise error about CheckSQLDriveUsages
38557 Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection WFS fatal error
38576 WFS Forecast tool results in an Out Of Memory Exception
38788 The SalesForce connector does not support hot desking agents
38819 CCC Call Notes not working
38826 Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_tblSubscriptions_1'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.tblSubscriptions'. error
38917 Trunk Group Accounting Trace reports do not include call start time as secondary sort order
38918 Collector log Error: DeleteSentData Exception when handle already sent data
38966 AGP queries cause Queue Now monitor stats to drop
39081 WFS breaks configured less than 15 minutes not scheduled correctly
39107 WFS mass delete of schedule results in deleting all time events in all schedules
39119 Agent join/leave group commands issued through Softphone/PhoneSetManager don't appear to work in non-resilient environment
39141 Resizing Employee List in Adherence monitor causes "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" exception
39145 WFS reports show all employees no matter what's selected in the reporter UI
39213 Flexible report headers have static value instead of expression
39214 WFS overtime configuration in YSE adds 1 hour to time when minutes greater than 30
39230 Realtime Client is not connected to the realtime server error after exiting
39271 WFS Adherence Configuration Parameters not taking effect
39321 Unable to change 'From' and 'To' times when modifying Calls Offered with Forecasting Tool
39388 There was an error loading a monitor in the profile / Queue Now monitor will not display
39457 Queue Performance by Period Chart monitor throws index out of range exception when clicking set alarms
39528 SalesForce not displaying Cases when searching phone numbers with ( ) and -
39605 Subscriber Billing by Extension reports not reporting costed calls
39607 Exchange link is down network alarm after restarting MCC services
39652 Collected info/digits not displaying in CCC toaster pop up
39674 Starting WFS application results in Unhandled Exception Failed to enable constraints
39718 Random inner exception errors occurring in CCC
39760 Real Time Adherence Alarms not functioning after opening a CCC Profile
39786 Starting Outlook 2003 with Out of Office Assistant turned on and MCC plug-in enabled, Outlook becomes unuseable
39789 Cancel work timer does not work within CCC using ICC
39815 Summarization fails after running Intertel import configuration tool
39862 Call Accounting reports not respecting security device lists
39885 Issues with Search, Filter, Sorting, and Moving items on YSE grid pages
39939 No real-time stats generated when only licensed for Call Accounting - No data in CA reports
39980 Error when setting CCC alarm in second Queue by Period monitor
40154 6160 ports configured as voice extensions in YSE are set to historical after Telephone System Synchronization 
40155 Classification codes not credited correctly sometimes when call recording used
40165 Setting make busy using PSM/Softphone during work timer removes ability to enter classification code
40213 IVQ queued calls in real time monitor appear in wrong order
40246 No Transferred Emails Received in Email Queue Performance report
40259 Lifecycle reports not showing calls that go to voice mail
40311 Multimedia outlook plug-in throws error 13 type mismatch
40323 Employee name order in WFS reports not consistent with order in Voice reports
40331 WFS Unable to set employee's Hours Available greater than 168 for Time off
40350 Spell check function sometimes not invoked when "check spelling before sending" is enabled
40376 Grouping employees by supervisor in WFS results in application error when making time bar edits
40416 Screenpop, caller ID, or general business extension state monitors stop working after PBX connection disrupted
40444 SalesForce doesn't reflect call being ended when Make Busy set during call transfer
40446 chatform.asp does not show after hours acknowledgement configured for Queue
40467 Multimedia agents sometimes stop receiving emails even though they are idle
40504 Color alarms for Adherence Timebar monitors do not trigger for Jobs and Breaks
40506 Employee / Group Billing Trace reports showing incorrect call rates
40521 WFS Performing undo action then adding employee shift results in fatal error
40523 Employee Group Time Out of Adherence report has last column formatted incorrectly
40531 Account code reports not reporting accurately
40537 Extension Division device types cannot be selected from security list menu
40561 CCC Object reference error when updating Agent Shift Monitor with configuration change
40600 Attendant Console Traffic by Period Report's Average Service Time calculation is incorrect
40648 Selecting multiple Devices for configuring Alarms in Adherence monitors results in an error
40657 Parsing errors generated from SMDR records after upgrading PBX to MCD 4.2
40663 Account codes for outbound calls are not being pegged at all
40820 5.7 Intertel hotfix rollup
40874 Cannot see Agent Name in Repository or move items between Queues via Outlook
40950 SalesForce rollup hotfix
40990 Unable to access IQ DNIS reports with Business Edition license
41129 IVQ real time monitor becomes stale over time
41172 Updating imported device names in CCMWeb fails when last names contain extraneous spaces
41276 When Quick Audit enabled for Exchange Router, transferred emails do not re-route to agents


These software updates have all been included in subsequent versions of our software.  You can download the latest updates for our supported releases at www.mitel.com.

If you have a business need for this Hotfix rollup, and cannot upgrade to a currently supported version of our software, please contact Customer Support for assistance.


CCM version 5.7 SP1

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