Telephone System Synchronization fails with the same IP address...

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Telephone System Synchronization fails with the same IP address error

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A Telephone System Synchronization fails with the same IP address error.


If two media servers are configured in CCM with the same IP address and a Synchronization is run, it will fail with a generic error message in YourSite Explorer.  If the synchronization report is examined through CCMWeb, it will produce the following report:

Synchronization and Validation did not complete due to the following reason(s):
The following media servers have the same IP <IP Address>: <Media Server 1>, <Media Server 2>,


Two or more of the configured media servers have the same IP address and they must be unique.


Modify the IP address for one of the media servers and perform a new Telephone System Synchronization.

If the same error persists, you may need to clear the DSCache using the following instructions:

  1. Stop the prairieFyre Config Service
  2. From the CCM Server, open regedit
  3. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\prairieFyre Software Inc\DSCache
  4. Copy the Directory key value which will be a folder location
  5. Browse to the DSCache folder obtained in the previous step
  6. Delete the CACHE[DSEnterprise]<unique ID>.zip and the CACHE[DSYourSite]<unique ID>.zip
  7. Start the prairieFyre Config Service
  8. Perform a Synchronization
NOTE:  If you are running CCM version 6.0 or greater you should ensure that .NET 4 is installed.


CCM version 5.7 SP1, 5.8, 6.0

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