5.8 - Duplicate Smart Choice ports in CCMWeb

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5.8 - Duplicate Smart Choice ports in CCMWeb

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In Contact Center Management, duplicate ports will show in the Intelligent Queue Smart Choice ports section. One port will be displayed under the IQ media server along with another one under the 3300.


The Data Synchronization service has now been enhanced to synchronize more devices than ever before. This allows us to validate business rules against class of service and other read write validation rules. In this case the devices created by Data Synchronization service are the real devices on the PBX. The ones created by IQ are 'faux' devices that are used for IQ reporting services only. As we try to get closer to being the GUI of the PBX leaving data sync do it's job in letting CCM know the real state of devices on the PBX is important. However we have built in the ability to "Exclude" certain devices if they are causing CCM database pollution. This would be the recommended approach in this case, to create an exclusion list and ignore all of your PBX Ports and Hunt Groups. Then delete these afterwards from CCM if they cause confusion.


Add the devices from the 3300 to the Telephone System Synchronization exclusion list. In order to do so, please follow these steps:

  1. First, the extensions assigned to the 3300 media server in the configuration will need to be removed. (In YourSite Explorer, under the Extension tab)
  2. Once they are deleted, you will need to perform a full synchronization and ensure that you do not click on Auto-Commit.
  3. Before committing the changes to the database, please go in the extension list and exclude them from being saved to our configuration by making sure the devices are unchecked from the list. Once they are all unchecked, click on Save Settings to ensure that the nightly sync will not commit the changes. 


CCM 5.8

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