Event and Alarm Descriptions

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Event and Alarm Descriptions

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CCM displays error and event messages to inform you of successful and unsuccessful operations. A subset of the error and event messages have been assigned unique ID numbers in the form ABC####

ALM -- Alarms
ALM0001 IVR File synchronization error
ALM0002 IVR Missing audio file
ALM0003 IVR Port out of service
ALM0004 IVR Ports out of service count
ALM0005 IVR Calls processed per hour
ALM0006 IVR Invalid destination for callback
ALM0007 IVR Workflow failed to execute
ALM0008 IVR Average time to answer
ALM0009 Mitai congestion errors
ALM0010 Connection to alarm agent lost
ALM0011 Service restart detected
ALM0012 High CPU usage
ALM0013 Low disk space
ALM0014 Low available memory
ALM0015 IVR Bad audio file
ALM0016 IVR Insufficient out bound ports
ALM0017 IVR Port in DND
ALM0018 IVR Port not answering
ALM0019 IVR UPIQ port deprived
ALM0020 IVR phone audio error
ALM0021 Data filing IO problem
ALM0022 IIS problem
ALM0023 MSMQ problem
ALM0024 SQL problem
ALM0025 License violation
ALM0026 Invalid configuration
ALM0027 Media server offline
ALM0028 Media server data timeout configuration
ALM0029 PBX to PC time drift
ALM0030 Data collection
ALM0031 Data link
ALM0032 Messaging service down
ALM0033 IQ audio problem?
ALM0034 Invalid agent destination callback
ALM0035 UPIQ port deprived
ALM0036 Maintenance
ALM0037 Queue Control
ALM0038 Service High memory (bytes)
ALM0039 IVR Calls Forwarded
ALM0040 Service High CPU usage (%)
ALM0041 Client Server Version Mismatch
ALM0042 IVR Ports over licensed
ALM0043 IVR Not licensed for Web Callbacks
ALM0044 No Default Audio Driver Found on Local Box
ALM0045 IVR Missing Callflow Device
ALM0048 Router Certificate Expiry
ALM0049 Listener Offline
ALM0050 SIP Drive Low Disk Space
ALM0051 SQL Drive Low Disk Space
ALM0052 CCM Drive Low Disk Space
ALM0053 OS Drive Low Disk Space
ALM0054 Resiliency in Effect
ALM0055 HCI/CTI/TAPI Call Control Allowed
ALM0056 HCI/CTI/TAPI Monitor Allowed
ALM0057 Message Waiting
ALM0058 Do Not Disturb
ALM0059 Public Network Access via DPNSS
ALM0060 Recorded Announcement Device
ALM0061 SMDR External
ALM0062 SMDR Internal
ALM0063 Suppress Simulated CCM after ISDN Progress
ALM0064 ACD 2000 - Auto Logout Last Agent On No Answer
ALM0065 ACD Make Busy Walk Away Codes
ALM0066 ACD Real Time Events Feature Level
ALM0067 Extended Digit Length
ALM0068 MCD - Report Transfers
ALM0069 Network Format
ALM0070 Report Account Codes
ALM0071 Report Incoming Calls
ALM0072 Report Internal Calls
ALM0073 Report Meter Pulses
ALM0074 Report Outgoing Calls
ALM0075 SMDR Meter Unit Per Station
ALM0076 SMDR Record Transfer
ALM0077 System Identification
ALM0078 Time Change Reporting
ALM0079 Twenty-four Hour Time Reporting
ALM0080 ANI/DNIS/ISDN/CLASS Number Delivery Reporting
ALM0081 Extended Time To Answer
ALM0082 Standardized Network OLI
ALM0083 Standardized Call ID Format
ALM0084 Report Internal Unanswered Calls
ALM0085 SMDR Extended Reporting Level 1
ALM0086 SMDR Extended Reporting Level 2
ALM0087 Report Attendant Name
ALM0088 Account Code Reporting for Internal Calls
ALM0089 Path Reporting for Internal ACD2 Calls
ALM0090 Enable Agent Group Events
ALM0091 Path Real Time Events Enabled
ALM0092 SMDR Time Rollback
ALM0093 ACD Time Drift
ALM0094 System ID Data vs Config Check
ALM0095 Missing Devices Alarm
ALM0096 Historical Agent Activity Alarm
ALM0097 Duplicate System ID withing Cluster
ALM0098 You must perform an initial media server synchronization
ALM0099 Work timer mismatch between this COS and its associated Queues and Agents
ALM0100 MiTAI Link is down
ALM0101 IVR Insufficient outbound ports
ALM0102 Routing Service General Failure
ALM0103 Monitoring agent ringing state not enabled
ALM0104 Carrier plan not associated to a media server or trunk group
ALM0105 Secondary line use detected for agent(s) and "Ignore agent secondary line activity" is not enabled
ALM0106 Calls handled between 11:30pm and 12:30am and "This enterprise operates 24 hours a day" is not enabled
ALM0107 OAI Data link is down
ALM0108 Uncosted extensions making outbound calls
ALM0110 No UPiQ ports programmed on PBX
ALM0111 MiTAI failed to initialize
ALM0113 MiTAI performed a hotrestart
ALM0114 Callback request failed to save
ALM0016 Outbound Dialer failed to execute Outbound Call Flow
ALM0117 Duplicate reporting numbers present
ALM0118 Hotdesking and traditional agent mismatch
ALM0119 Windows Search Service is not started
ALM0121 Router invalid transfer destination
ALM0122 Storage service not polling
ALM0123 CCMRouting database is full
ALM0124 Items in the mail server Failed folder
ALM0125 Emails in FailedRoute state
ALM0126 Media server synchronization failed
ALM0128 Concurrent calls have exceeded licensed amount
ALM0129 Emails in outbox with exceeded max retries
ALM0133 Conversations in Outbox cannot be indexed
ALM0134 Conversations cannot be indexed
ALM0135 Conversations are missing Tag information
ALM0136 Routing Media Service cannot connect to the CCMRouting database
ALM0137 Error playing back Text-to-speech from the Nuance Speech Server
ALM0138 MRCP initialization error
ALM0139 Speech recognition request failed
ALM0141 Failed to save SMS configuration locally
ALM0142 SMS connection creation error
ALM0143 Invalid SMS connection configuration
ALM0144 Invalid SMS service configuration
ALM0145 SMS connection not polling
ALM0146 Update validation mismatch detected
ALM0152 Storage path is not accessible from the Storage Service
ALM0153 Storage path is not accessible from MCCWa
ALM0154 Unable to connect to MassTransit
ALM0155 Elasticsearch is down
ALM0156 Unable to move emails to Processed folder
ALM0160 Cloudlink Proxy is inaccessible
ALM0161 Cloudlink Proxy client login failed

CFG - Configuration
CFG0001 Configuration Service General Failure
CFG0002 Call Accounting Upgrade Failure
CFG0003 Multimedia (MCC) Client History Backup Failure
CFG0004 CCM Configuration Backup Failure
CFG0005 License Server Failure
CFG0006 Couldn't disable Dr.Watson
CFG0007 Unable to acquire invoker DN for third party join/leave control
CFG0008 Unable to unblock CCC ports in the Windows Firewall
CFG0009 Configuration Wizard Unable to Configure CCMWeb for Windows Authentication
CFG0010 Unable to configure CCMWeb for Anonymous Authentication
CFG0011 SIP Address or Line URI Already in Use
CFG0012 An agent shift lasted past midnight
CFG0013 A Front End time is not synchronized to the Router time
CFG0014 Unable to Monitor Performance Counter
CFG0015 YSE: Import CSV general error
CFG0016 YSE: Email server connection test general error
CFG0017 Support package creation general error
CFG0019 Couldn't load license agreement file
CFG0021 Microsoft IIS is not installed
CFG0022 Not enough hard drive space
CFG0023 Not enough RAM
CFG0024 Missing deployment package
CFG0025 Login attempt without adequate licensing to manage the web site
CFG0026 YSE Profile Mismatch
CFG0036 Cannot connect to RealTime server
CFG0042 Powershell 2.0 not installed
CFG0043 The Powershell Lync module is not installed
CFG0044 There was a problem communicating with PBX
CFG0045 There was a problem with your credentials
CFG0046 There was a problem with the supplied MiXML login
CFG0048 An unknown error occurred on the media server
CFG0049 Workstation has lost trust with the domain
CFG0050 An object has already been modified
CFG0051 Enterprise IP address not found in registry

ENS - Enterprise Service
ENS0001 Enterprise server long execution cycle

VWM - Visual Workflow Manager
VWM0001 IVR Callback Make Call failed
VWM0002 IVR Callback Calling Customer Invalid Phone Number
VWM0003 No Callflow Associated with Port
VWM0004 Port Is Associated With Another Server
VWM0005 Port's Virtual Identifier is Invalid
VWM0006 Config Service not Running and No DSTourSite in Cache Folder
VWM0007 Tap Call Delayed More Than 100 Times
VWM0008 Tap Call Failed
VWM0009 Duplicate Dialable for Queue Detected
VWM0010 Realtime Events Disabled for Queue
VWM0011 Could Not Connect to Excel File
VWM0012 Port Out Of Service
VWM0013 Port Not Monitored
VWM0014 Failed to Connect to MiTAI Proxy Server
VWM0015 Enterprise Server Real-time Trace Buffer Overflow
VWM0016 Invalid Hunt Group Members Detected
VWM0017 No Sound Card Detected
VWM0018 Invalid Audio File Detected
VWM0019 Outbound Dialer Failed to Execute the Outbound Callflow
VWM0020 IVR Node is missing
VWM0021 No UPiQ ports assigned
VWM0022 CallReceivedEvent Queue is filling up
VWM0023 Transfer activity invalid destination
VWM0024 Call flow creation exceeded 4 seconds
VWM0025 IVR port failed to transfer call due to MiTAI error
VWM0026 PowerShell disabled on IVRInbound/IVROutbound system
VWM0027 WebService configuration out of date

MPS - MiTAI Proxy Server
MPS0001 Failed to Open MiTAI Connection to PBX

REP - Reporting
REP0001 Distribution - Can Not Print Excel Report When Protected View is Enabled
REP0002 Excel Not Installed
REP0003 Exception Thrown on Attempt to Kill Process
REP0004 Generate Report - Data Limit Exceeded
REP0005 Generate Report - Column Limit Exceeded
REP0006 Generate Report - Out Of Memory Exception
REP0007 Invalid Default Printer
REP0008 No Default Printer
REP0009 Report Distribution - Preferred Printer Unavailable
REP0010 Report Distribution - Print Locally
REP0011 No Printers Available
REP0012 Unknown Error
REP0013 Report Distribution - Available Printers
REP0014 Unknown Error Checking for Installed Printers
REP0015 Forecast Report - Unable to Export Forecast to Excel from CCC or WFS
REP0016 Reporting parameter missing. Using default.
REP0017 No report parameter, No default available, setting state failed
REP0018 Report failed to generate. Invalid report parameters
REP0019 Unable to determine the type of report to generate
REP0020 Failed to set the current thread to the specified user
REP0021 No file to distribute
REP0022 Failed to print to PDF
REP0023 Report failed to print locally
REP0024 PDF report failed to generate

CaR - Call Recording
CAR0001 Oaisys Call Not In Progress During Call Tagging
CAR0002 License not available
CAR0003 Could not reach OAISYS server

SMA - Service Monitoring Agent
SMA0001 Unable to Connect to the Service Monitoring Agent
SMA0002 Monitored Services Disabled
SMA0003 Alarm Has Expired and Will Be Cleared

MAD - Maintenance Alarm Dispatcher
MAD0001 Unable to Connect to the Maintenance Alarm Dispatcher
MAD0002 Unable to Connect to the Alarm Feed
MAD0003 Unable to Find the SNMP Memory Mapped File

DSS - Data Synchrtonization Service
DSS0001 Unable to Access an Active Directory (AD) Object
DSS0002 Multiple media servers with same IP address
DSS0003 Synchronization failed due to MiXML error
DSS0004 Synchronization failed due to Intertel error
DSS0005 Synchronization failed due to Active directory error
DSS0006 Synchronization failed due to Commit error
DSS0007 Synchronization failed due to Unknown error
DSS0008 Queue conversion failure

IGN - Ignite
IGN0001 Cannot sign in to Ignite
IGN0002 IVQ panel is missing when Ignite is launched
IGN0003 Ignite no longer offers Agent Control features
IGN0004 Ignite no longer responding after long period of time
IGN0005 Ignite stops functioning correctly
IGN0006 Requested media item not found

ELS - Elasticsearch
ELS0001 Elasticsearch sniffing error caught. Unable to connect to Elasticsearch server.

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