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KB55639 - MCD 5.0 Telephone System Synchronization issues with CCM 5.8

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Mitel have reported a change in their latest MCD 5.0 build such that our 5.8 Telephone System Synchronization is no longer compatible with their latest line-up. We will require a hot fix to be deployed to our Release 5.8 pF customers if they would like to have a functional Telephone System Synchronization link to the PBX.


After the Telephone System Synchronization failed, you will see the following error in the prairieFyre.Services.DataSynchronizationService.log;

Error     9/17/2011 3:51:41 AM     prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.MediaSync.Mixml.ServiceLayer.MixmlServer
--- Start Exception Stack ---
prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.MediaSync.Mixml.ServiceLayer.Exceptions.MixmlException: Management command failed. - Code:[MimaRCGetFirstTupleFailed] Error:[Failed to get the first tuple.] ViewID:[]
   at prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.MediaSync.Mixml.ServiceLayer.MixmlServer.CheckCommandResponse(CmdResponse aCommandResponse)
   at prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.MediaSync.Mixml.ServiceLayer.MixmlServer.MisyncRetry[T,R](String aCommandName, String aExtraLogInfo, MixmlConnectorNode aNode, Func`1 aCommand, Action`1 aResponseCheck, Func`2 aSelector)
   at prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.MediaSync.Mixml.ServiceLayer.MixmlServer.MisyncRetryOnTable[T](String aCommandName, String aTableName, MixmlConnectorNode aNode, Func`1 aCommand, Func`2 aSelector)
   at prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.MediaSync.Mixml.ServiceLayer.MixmlServer.GetNextTupleWithRetry(MixmlConnectorNode aNode, String aTableName, FieldIn[] aPreviousTuple)
   at prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.MediaSync.Mixml.ServiceLayer.MixmlServer.ReadTable(MixmlConnectorNode aNode, String aTableName)
   at prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.MediaSync.Mixml.ServiceLayer.MixmlConnectorNode.ReadTable(String aTableName)
   at prairieFyre.DataSynchronizationEngine.Mixml.Icp3300Media.ReadView(String aViewName)
   at prairieFyre.DataSynchronizationEngine.Mixml.Icp3300Media.RefreshData()
   at prairieFyre.DataSynchronizationEngine.Mixml.MixmlSynchronizationEngine.SyncMedia(Icp3300Media aMedia)--- End Exception Stack ---
Error reading table SX2K_CORP_DIR:  


Changes were made with the MCD 5.0 release that requires a hotfix to be applied after the installation of 5.8 Fix Pack 6.


NOTE:  This hotfix is included in all future software releases.  If you have 5.8 Fix pack 7 or higher you do not need to install this hotfix.

This hotfix is to be installed on top of 5.8 Fix Pack 6.

Here are the steps for the installation of the hotfix;

  1. Download the attached hotfix to the CCM Enterprise Server
  2. Click on Start > Run > then type services.msc
  3. Stop the prairieFyre Config Service.
  4. Extract the content of KB55639.exe (if you don't have an archive management software, you can get a free version of WinRAR)
  5. Copy the \Program Files\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\ConfigService folder as a backup to a location of your choice.
  6. Copy the prairieFyre.BusinessObjects.dll located in the CCM\Services\ConfigService and copy it to \Program Files\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\ConfigService\ folder. Click Yes to overwrite the existing file.
  7. In the Services window, start the prairieFyre Config Service.
  8. Double-click the KB55639.exe file and follow the instructions.

WARNING: Installing the hotfix will Stop and Start ALL prairieFyre services.
It is recommended to install the hotfix outside of regular business hours to avoid any potential service affecting issues.


CCM 5.8 Fix Pack 6 

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