IVR - Troubleshooting guide: IVR Ports not coming into service

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IVR - Troubleshooting guide: IVR Ports not coming into service

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After creating ports in YourSite Explorer for IVR, if they are not coming in service, please follow these steps;

  1. Confirm what the status of the port is. If you have looked in the Port Monitor in the CCC and it says Unknown, this means the Enterprise is not aware of what the state of the port is. That does not mean it is out of service, simply that the Enterprise lost it's status. Try calling the port directly, or check it with the IVRPortDiagnostics.exe tool, located in the \prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\IVRInbound folder. 

    NOTE: The port will not show in the IVRPortDiagnostics tool if it's not assigned to a call flow.
  2. Ensure that the port is assigned to a call flow. If it's not, then it will not come into service.  The only exception for this would be if the port is assigned to a Hunt Group, which is assigned to a call flow, and then the port should come into service without being assigned to a call flow directly. You can verify if the port is assigned to a call flow by going into the YSE, Extensions, and looking at the port and confirming if there is a call flow listed for it.
  3. Ensure that the port is created as a 5020 set on the 3300 and if this is MCD 5.0 that the port is set to Trusted.
  4. Ensure to specify the Registration (default of *** ) and Replacement (default of ### )Access Codes from the Telephone System Settings tab (YourSite Explorer > Media Servers).  Also ensure that these are programmed in the System Options form on the 3300.
  5. Check the log for the port. In IVR, each device has it’s own log file, located in \prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Logs\Devices. The log is the number, IP of the 3300 and type of the port, so 2000 – is a log for port 2000, which is a messaging port on the 3300 The IP is useful if you have more than one switch, so you can tell which port is resident on which PBX. See if there are any errors in the logs which may explain the issue, such as MiTAI errors, or indicating the port is in DND or some other explanation.
  6. Confirm if the port is in use by something else, such as is assigned to a softphone extension, or another IQ or IVR installation. You can do this on the 3300 by going to the Programmed IP Telephones form (under Maintenance and Diagnostics, IP Telephone Inventory if using Category view), and selecting the port. The state it listed and if it says In Service, check the IP Address listed. This is the address of the system where the Start command was received from. If it’s not the IVR server, it indicates the port is in use elsewhere.
  7. Check the maintenance log on the 3300.  See if there are any errors. If there are certificate errors, and this is MCD 5, you may need to upgrade the MCD to SP1 due to an issue with bringing Trusted ports into service.
  8. Restart the associated service. If it’s a messaging port, restart the IVRInbound. If a callback, restart the IVRCallback, etc.
  9. If the port will still not come into service, please contact your support channel for assistance. 

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