5000 series PBX general information

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5000 series PBX general information

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From our perspective there is little difference between a 5000 and a 3300.  The 5000 is a simpler system with no real COS like the 3300, and a different setup for paths and groups.  Setup and collection have some differences, but for the most part you can troubleshoot a 5000 the same as you would a 3300.  The key differences are as follows:

Configuration in prairieFyre CCM

5000 need to be configured in YSE, as CCMWeb has no support for them.

5000s introduce a new setup called a CT Gateway.  If they have multiple 5000s they will need one, and even with only one PBX, depending on the configuration they may have it set up as a CT Gateway as well.

The CT Gateway acts as a central collection point for the PBXs, itemizing them each with a Gateway ID (called a Node ID in the 5000).  If they are using a CT Gateway the IP/DNS address in YSE is always that of the CT Gateway, and the Gateway ID identifies the individual PBX.  You should be able to get that Gateway ID (or Node ID) from the PBX.

If they only have one PBX and it is not set as a CT Gateway you put the IP as normal into YSE.  If this configuration does not collect properly, try adding Gateway ID with a value of 1 .

Data Collection

The 5000's output stream is called OAI.  We collect that OAI stream and create the ACD and SMDR files based on it.  In the raw data directory there will now be O files along with the A, S, and T.  Normally you can ignore the O file as the data will show as normal in ACD and SMDR raw files.

In the event of a ACD/SMDR timeout error, or other collection issues the first step is to ensure that the OAI stream is coming in.  You can try telnet to the CT Gateway IP on port 4000 to ensure that data is being sent out by the PBX and can be received by the enterprise server.

Telephone System Synchronization

The OAI in the 5000s has different versions.  The chart below shows how the Firmware/OAI should match up.

System / Version

OAI Version

Axxess 11.015


Axxess 11.016




5000 v3.2


5000 v4.0


5000 v5.0 (GA Mar ’11)


CT Gateway 4.4


CT Gateway 4.5


If the client is running any of the above builds, they should be running version 5.8 or newer of our software.  If they are using an earlier OAI/Firmware build they should use 5.7 SP1, with roll-up KB41351.

These are the combinations that have been tested.  If the client runs a mismatch of versions Telephone System Synchronization would not function, though collection and reports will most likely work.

Interaction Contact Center

While there is the occasional issue, ICC should work on a 5000.  The OAI stream is able to work with ICC the same way that ACD/MiTAI normally would.


5000 Series PBX

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