Reporting - Comparing agent group to queue reports

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Reporting - Comparing agent group to queue reports

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Clients will sometimes try to compare Agent Group Performance reports to Queue Performance reports, and may find that call counts do not match.  The most common symptom would be for the agent to show more calls in an Agent Group Performance than in the Queue Performance report.


Because of the multitude of ways that Queues, Queue Groups, Agents, and Agent Groups (as well as Extensions and Extension Groups) can interact, it is highly recommended not to compare counts between reports on different device types.

In our scenario above, The Agents and Agent Groups may answer for multiple queues, and therefore the counts in an Agent or Agent Group report may include calls that are not pegged against a Queue report even if that agent belongs to the Queue in question.

One way to quickly identify this case is to find an agent that shows a different number of calls in Agent Group compared to Queue performance, and run an Agent Inbound Trace.  You will find calls that were handled, but do not belong to the Queue in question, rather another that the group answers for (overflow, for instance). 

The ACD and SMDR data inspectors (found in Contact Center Client, under Tools > Inspectors) can be used to validate these discrepancies and confirm that the numbers are accurate on both reports.


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