IVR - How to use the Subroutine activity

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IVR - How to use the Subroutine activity

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With a few exceptions, subroutines and call flows function almost identically. Call flows are associated to ports or hunt groups. Subroutines are contained within call flows, can be called as many times as necessary, and are not associated to ports or hunt groups.

Subroutines can be re-used across many call flows or within the same call flow. For example, a menu that is repeated many times in a call flow should be built as a subroutine so modification to the subroutine will affect all instances of the menu.

EXAMPLE: Site has multiple DNIS and respective Queues. Each DNIS condition may require a schedule condition to determine if queue is open and transfer; or route to afterhours messaging, voice mail etc when closed.

If the same Schedule condition needs to be configured for each DNIS condition, you can configure the schedule condition as a subroutine it instead of programming schedule conditions for each.

NOTE: Any changes to the Subroutine will be reflected in all instances where that subroutine is used in a call flow.

Create the Subroutine

  1. In Yoursite Explorer > Visual Workflow Manager > Subroutines.
  2. Click ADD.
  3. Configure the subroutine that will be used multiple times in the call flows.
    i.e. In this scenario is a schedule condition to check if Mon-Fri and between 9 – 5 PM. If Schedule condition TRUE (match) – Transfer to Queue. If FALSE (no match), plays after hours message prompt.

  4. Name and Save the Subroutine.
  5. Assign to Call Flow.

Adding subroutines to a Callflow

Before you add a subroutine activity to a call flow, you must first create and configure the subroutine. While subroutine activities are added to call flows in the same way as any other activity, subroutine activities must be assigned to a pre-configured subroutine.

To add a subroutine to a call flow

  1. Select the call flow to which you want to add a subroutine.
    The Call flows diagramming interface opens.
  2. In the Toolbox pane, click and drag the Subroutine activity into the Drop Activities Here section of the diagramming interface.
    NOTE: If the Toolbox pane is not visible, click the Toolbox fly out to the right of the Call flows window. To keep the toolbox pane visible, click the pin icon in the top right corner.
  3. Right click the subroutine and select Assign Subroutine.
    The Select a subroutine or variable window opens.
  4. Select a subroutine from the list and click OK.
  5. On the ribbon, click Save.
    NOTE: A red exclamation mark icon shown in the top right corner of an activity signals an error or missing information. You must correct the error or enter the information before you are able to save the call flow.


IVR 6.0 

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