Account Codes and Classification Codes

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Account Codes and Classification Codes

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Account Codes are identifiers added to contact records.  You can use them to distinguish between individual departments, projects, or services and generate reports on them.  Agents can use these account codes to identify a call, or portion of a call as a specific departments, projects, or service.  For example if an agent answers calls for multiple companies could use account code 01 for company A, account code 02 for company B, and account code 03 for company C.  Most account codes are delivered in the SMDR data stream

Account codes can be set as Classification Codes.  When this is done, this code must be applied using the MiCC software (Contact Center Client PSM, Softphone, or in Ignite).  This code will now associate an entire contact handling time when entered, instead of only a portion.  Classification codes are reported in the ACD stream instead of the SMDR stream and is placed here by the software as opposed to the phone system itself.  If Classification codes are entered on the physical phone they will be input into the incorrect data stream, and will cause reporting errors.

You can also Force account codes, which requires the account codes to be entered for each contact.  With a Forced Verified Account Code an agent is required to enter an account code before dialing the call.  With a Forced Verified Classification Code an agent must enter a classification code at the end of the call. 

NOTE: If you are running CCM version or earlier, and you are using forced account codes and have a Make Busy button programmed on your Mitel phone set, you must remove the Make Busy button, otherwise the forced account codes will not work with Interactive Contact Center and PhoneSet Manager.


In order to report on account codes they must be configured in the prairieFyre software.  Here you will be able to list the account code, a name for that code, and associate it to an account code group (in version 6.0 you can also add account code categories for easier browsing of account codes by your agents).

Account codes are configured in Contact Center Management if you are using:
  • SX-200
  • SX-2000
Account codes are configured in Your Site Explorer if you are using:
  • 3300ICP
  • 5000
  • Axxess
The prairieFyre software pegs most account codes based on the account code field in SMDR records.  In raw SMDR data the account code is between the Third Party and System ID fields.  The Account code is highlighted in the example below.

02/29 07:36:10  0000:00:57 T112   003 P091 191 191           9998         C 9457          11 000   4143413000         16094            E0001856 A C0000638

For each account code applied to a call a sperate SMDR record is created, linked together via the Call ID.

For Classification Codes the raw data will appear as a --k record in the raw ACD data.


CCM and CA all versions 

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