SalesForce 6.0 Cannot login agent. Error [CanGetAgent] Pkey not...

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SalesForce 6.0 Cannot login agent. Error [CanGetAgent] Pkey not found

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A Sales Force agent is unable to log into the connector. 


The Sales Force Connector shows error:  .NET [CanGetAgentPKey] Value cannot be null.  Parameter name: source||

Clearing of pfdscache and restarting Sales Force does not resolve issue.


At some point the Agent and Extension have been associated to different Employee entries (most likely via a Telephone System Synchronization). 


Reassociate the Agent and Extension to the same Employee.

1. Open YourSite Explorer
2. Go to Employee and find the secondary entry in the list (if created by a Telephone System Synchronization, the employee reporting number will match the extension reporting number)
3. Go to the Extensions tab and move the extension back to the Available members pane on the left with the arrow button.
4. Go to the correct Employee entry in the list
5. Select the extension in Available members and click the arrow to move it to Selected members on the right.


CCM 6.0 

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