Uninstalling IVR / VWM services from server that does not need...

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Uninstalling IVR / VWM services from server that does not need them

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You can remove the IVR / VWM services from a server by running the attached removeIVR.bat batch file.

1. Save the attached removeIVR.bat file to the root of C:\ drive.
2. Go to Start => Run and type CMD then hit Enter
3. Type cd\ and hit Enter
4. Type removeIVR X: where X: is the drive that services are installed on (eg. removeIVR C: if the services are installed on the C drive)

This will remove the IVR services from that server.  Next we need to remove them from the Server Monitor Agent's list of services to keep alive.

1. Go to Start => Run and type services.msc and hit Enter
2. Find the prairieFyre Server Monitoring Agent, right-click on it and Stop
3. Go to the [drive]:\Program Files\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\ServerMonitoringAgent\ folder
4. Delete the KnownKeepAliveServiceNames.XML file
5. Go back to the Services window, right click on prairieFyre Server Monitoring Agent and choose Start

The Server Monitoring Agent will create a new KnownKeepAliveServiceNames.XML file, and now knows that it no longer needs to check the status of the IVR services.


CCM 6.0 

Keywords: Uninstall IVR VWM services

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