SMA0003 - Alarm has expired and will be cleared

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SMA0003 - Alarm has expired and will be cleared

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This message displays, in the following format, in the ServerMonitoringAgent.log file on any Enterprise Server or Remote Server:

SMA0003: The following alarm ({0} - {1}) has expired and will be cleared. If the alarm should still be persisted, it will be triggered again on the next alarm cycle.
where {0} is the friendly name of the Alarm that is expiring and {1} is the classification of the alarm.

After alarm status changes, all alarms are stamped with the date and time of the change. If there have been no changes to an alarm status in 24 hours (this is the default value which can be modified in the 'AlarmTimeout' property in the ServerMonitoringAgent.exe.config file in the CCM\Services\ServerMonitoringAgent folder on Enterprise and Remote servers) it is set to working and will not be checked for expiration again. Whenever this alarm is re-thrown, it will be eligible for expiration again in 24 hours.

The reason for this is there were cases where IVR Routing would have a workflow with an invalid extension, which would trigger an alarm. If the user deleted the extension instead of bringing it into a working state, the "last status" of the extension would be set to invalid and would never be cleared. This allows such an event to persist for a maximum of 24 hours, after which, the orphaned alarm is cleared.





After an alarm has persisted for 24 hours without being addressed the system will clear it until the alarm is triggered again. 



CCM 6.0 FP3

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