5.10 Fix Pack 4

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5.10 Fix Pack 4

Article ID: - Last Review: June 21st, 2012

This is the list of all items for 5.10 GA Fix Pack 4, released on Thursday, June 7th, 2012. For more information, you can visit out Download Center to download our Detailed Release Notes for this release.

NOTE: Hot Fixe 76325 (available in the same place on the dealer portal) must be installed after FP4, as it addresses several issues discovered during trails of the 5.10 FP4 lineup.

    New features and enhancements

    Product areas improved in this release

    Known issues in Version 5.10 Fix Pack 4

    For hot fixes that adress any issues that were not known at the time this document was publish;

    Customers - contact your Microsoft Channel Partner
    Channel Partners - visit the Channel Partner Knowledge Base at http://www.prairiefyre.com/support/knowledge-base.

    • Description : The Lync front end server and the Contact Center for Microsoft Lync Enterprise Server cannot be collocated or the Contact Center Management website becomes inaccessible.

    The download and use prairieFyre software products is potentially controlled by regulations issued by the Canadian DFAIT, the US BIS, and other countries under laws relating to the export and re-export of our software. Under restrictions imposed by such regulatory bodies, prairieFyre software products and hotfixes are not provided through prairieFyre Software's Knowledge Base or FTP server.

    Users downloading software from prairieFyre will need to affirmatively certify that you/or your business enterprise:

    • Acknowledge that you and your business enterprise shall comply with all Canadian, US and UK exporting and re-exporting rules and regulations, including the ITAR, with respect to the downloaded prairieFyre software product(s).
    • Shall not download prairieFyre software products to a country pursuant to the Canadian Export and Import Permits Act and the Export Permits Regulations or as listed on the Canadian Area Control List http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/e-19/SOR-81-543/index.html and acknowledge that so doing would violate Canadian law.
    • Shall not download any prairieFyre software products to any USA embargoed country or sanctioned country.
    • Shall not distribute downloaded prairieFyre software product(s) outside of the authorized downloaded country without prior authorization from prairieFyre.
    • Is not directly or indirectly involved in the research, development or production of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, or any missile programmes;
    • Is not seeking technical information relating to the design, development or implementation of the cryptographic components, modules, interfaces, or architecture of the cryptographic goods or source code or pseudo-code, in any form, of any of the cryptographic components, modules, or interfaces of the cryptographic goods
    • Acknowledge that the use of the downloaded prairieFyre software product(s) is for you or your company’s business use and that the downloaded prairieFyre software product shall not be used for unauthorized end uses or distributed to unauthorized end users.

    To download Contact Center for Microsoft Lync software, users must login to www.prairieFyre.com using their personal prairieFyre credentials to gain access to the downloads.

    • Browse to http://www.prairiefyre.com
    • Click Support > Download software.
    • Click on Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Download Center
    • Type your provided User ID and Password and click Log in
    • Click on Download Center, then Currently Shipping
    • Under Latest Fix Pack, you can download the latest release along with the documentation.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your prairieFyre representative, or contact priaireFyre at support@prairieFyre.com, or call 613-599-0045, option 3.

    WARNING: Installing the hotfix will Stop and Start ALL prairieFyre services.
    It is recommended to install the hotfix outside of regular business hours to avoid any potential service affecting issues.


    Lync Server 5.10 Fix Pack 4

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