IQ - Calls routing to interflow agent group, bypassing primary...

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IQ - Calls routing to interflow agent group, bypassing primary agent group

Article ID: 51577 - Last Review: June 12th, 2012


Calls being routed through IQ are being presented to the Interflow agent group, and not to the primary answer group. 


No visible errors.  Calls simply skipping primary group and being routed to interflow group. 


Time drift between PBX and IQ server.  If the time drift exceeds the interflow timeout,  the primary group can be bypassed and calls sent dirctly to interflow group.


Enable NTP time synchronization across your telco environment. 

NOTE: Issues such as time drift between devices will need to be addressed if they exist before prairieFyre can raise the case further.


IQ all versions 

Keywords: Routing interflow time drift IQ PBX

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