Best Practice - Secondary line usage best practices

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Best Practice - Secondary line usage best practices

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For best results when  bringing a 3rd party into a call, whether a supervised transfer or consultation, the agent should follow the process below:

1. Call comes into the ACD path (agent rings ACD)

2. Agent picks up the call on their prime ACD extension (agent displays as 'ACD Call')

3. Agent speaks with the caller, but needs to speak with another internal person

4. Agent press the Transfer/Conference button on their Mitel Handset (Agent displays 'ACD On Hold')

5. This puts the caller on hold and returns dial tone so they can call another agent or staff member

6. Agent speaks with that colleague and get the information required

7. The other party hangs up (Agent remains 'ACD On Hold' until they hit 'cancel'.)

8. The agent go back to the external caller and finishes off the call (Agent returns to 'On ACD Call')

9. Work timer now kicks in (Agent displays work timer)

NOTE: Second line activity does not differentiate itself in Real Time monitors.  Any second line activity will show as primary Agent or Extension unless you have set your enterprise to Ignore 2nd line activity.


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