5.10 - Event Descriptions

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5.10 - Event Descriptions

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CCM displays error and event messages to inform you of successful and unsuccessful operations. A subset of the error and event messages have been assigned unique ID numbers in the form ABC####

 ALM - Alarm
ALM0102 Routing Service General Failure
ALM0120 Lync Pool unavailable
ALM0115 UCMA Platfor Failed to Initialize
 CFG - Configuration
CFG0027 Incorrect configuration of Queue Failure Redirects
CFG0028 Incorrect setting of global default requeue time
CFG0029 Media Directory share is not accessible
CFG0032 Failed to refresh Lync Server topology
CFG0033 Failed to detect Lync Server
CFG0034 User is not a member of Domain Administraors group
CFG0035 Application endpoint with the same sip address is already registered with a different site
CFG0037 Unable to start agent endpoint
CFG0038 Failed to delete application pool
CFG0039 Failed to delete a queue from the Lync server
CFG0040 Skipped delete for Trusted Application Endpoint during audit
CFG0041 Failed to send email
 CaR - Call Recording
CaR0002 License not available
CaR0003 Could not reach Oaisys Server Alarm
 RTR - Router
RTR0001  Dial Out Of Queue Destination is Unreachable
RTR0002  In-Queue Media Unavailable Alarm - Music On Hold 
RTR0003  In-Queue Media Unavailable Alarm - RAD
RTR0004   Server Certificate Alarm
RTR0005  Front End Communication Alarm - SIP Listener
RTR0006  Application Endpoint Unavailable Alarm
RTR0007  User Endpoint Unavailable Alarm
RTR0008  Routing Failure Alarm
RTR0009  Service Unavailable Alarm
RTR0010  Ringing Tone Media Unavailable
RTR0011  Unable to route an ACD call by ANI/DNIS to the new destination
RTR0012     Error accessing Record Buffer
RTR0013 Queue has manually been set into DND
RTR0014 Media Directory path specified in the registry does not exist
RTR0015 Media does not exist in the Media Directory
RTR0016 Media file is invalid
RTR0017 No Collector Service Connected
RTR0018 Dial Out of Queue destination is not programmed for the tone pressed
RTR0019 Denying logout for agent while on ACD activity
RTR0020 Router command not formatted correctly
RTR0021 Router command is not recognized
RTR0022 Enterprise server is not ready to receive connection

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