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MCC - Can not forward emails to external addresses if the recipient uses Outlook 2007

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When an MCC transfers an email to an external email address it captures the email contents (including attachments) in a .EML file and sends this attachment to the email address provided.  This was fine when Outlook 2003 supported .EML attachments, however Outlook 2007 does not support .EML attachments and transferred emails can no longer be read.


There are 2 options to address this problem:

Option 1:

There is a fairly simple workaround for this, Microsoft Live Essentials which is a free application includes a Mail program which can be used as a viewer for .EML attachments. By installing this email program it will automatically launch when you double click on a .EML attachment. Any attachments in the .EML file can also be opened or saved

The application is available at the link below

When you run the program you can select "Choose the programs you want to install" and only select the mail program.
After the software is installed the system must be restarted. On the first launch of the application it will ask if you want to configure an email account. This is not necessary and can be skipped.

Option 2:

Apply a MS hotfix which provides a button to preview the .EML file when you single click on the attachment. Note this previewer does not display any attachments included in the .EML file. The hot fix is available from the link below:

You must shutdown Outlook first. Goto the fix it for me section and select the Fix it icon for the self installer


Any version of MCC where the recipient is using Outlook 2007 

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