Mitel 3300 software versions lookup

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Mitel 3300 software versions lookup

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Starting with Mitel 3300 software build 10.x.x.x our documentation has referred to the software by it's MCD version instead.  However, when looking up the software version of a media server in YourSite Explorer, it will return the old build number. 

The formula for these builds is fairly straight forward.  Keeping in mind that we only started referring to the 3300 software by their MCD numbers starting with MCD 4.0 (rev 10).  Build numbers starting with 11 would be MCD 5, and 12 would be MCD 6. 

The actual build numbers break down as follows:

[Major Release].[Minor Release].[Service Pack].[Cumulative Patch Release]

For example: would be MCD 4.2 SP1 Cumulative Patch 13.

Below is a table shows examples of what build numbers would correspond to which MCDs.

Software Build MCD Release Name 
 11.0.0.X MCD 5.0
 11.0.1.X MCD 5.0 SP1
 11.0.2.X MCD 5.0 SP2
 12.0.0.X MCD 6.0
 12.0.3.X MCD 6.0 SP3
 13.0.0.X MCD 7.0
 13.0.1.X MCD 7.0 SP1
 13.1.0.X         MCD 7.1


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