RTR0019 - Denying logout for agent while on ACD activity

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RTR0019 - Denying logout for agent while on ACD activity

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When an agent is involved in ACD call activity, the Router won’t allow the agent to log out. This is by design. You need to wait till the call drops then log out.

However, there are scenarios the state of ACD activity could be wrong. For example, after recovering from network connection outage sometimes the Lync Front-end may experience problem to update phone state presence during a short period of time. If this happens, your Lync presence shows Red, and your state’s is the last ACD call. But you are not actually in a call. If you are able to access Router’s log, you could see your phone state would be ‘phone state is 7000-automated,[in-a-conference]’.





The agent will not be permitted to log out until the Router sees them no longer on an ACD call activity. 


If you are not able to log out, and you are actually not in a call, please try to change Lync presence to Available in your Lync client. Wait a while, till you see Lync presence changes to “Available for ACD – Available”. At this time, Lync front-end most likely will remove your phone state presence.  For example, ‘’phone state is 0-automated,[]’’. Your real-time state should be fixed. You should be able to log out.


5.10 SP1 

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