ALM0114 - Callback request failed to save

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ALM0114 - Callback request failed to save

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This alarm indicates that the Enterprise Server has failed to save a submitted callback request.




The callback request was not saved and will not be processed. 


First, set logging to verbose in the IVRInbound Service
1. Go to [INSTAL PATH]\CCM\Services\IvrInound\
2. Make a copy if the IvrInbound.exe.config file (this is a backup in case a rollback is needed).
3. Edit the IvrInbound.exe.config file in a plain text editor like Notepad and look for <setting name="LoggingLevel" serializeAs="String">
4. Just below that is a line that says <value>3</value>.  Change the 3 to a 4.
5. the section of the config file should now look like this:

<setting name="LoggingLevel" serializeAs="String">

6. Save the file.

Now inspect the IVRInbound logs for errors noting Callback Request save failures. The issue is likely caused by SQL connection problems and there should be log lines near the alarm log lines that show data for the Insert SQL operations that process the Callback Requests on the Database side.

Copy these Insert statement SQL blocks and test them on the SQL Server install to verify that they run properly.

1. Launch SQL Management Studio from the Start menu.
2. Connect to the database.
3. Click the New Query button at the top left.
4. Paste the Insert operation (copied from the log file, above) into the query window.
5. Click the Execute button (sometimes Execute will just be a red exclamation mark.  !  )

If the insert operation does not run properly, this means that your SQL configuration does not allow either your server credentials the permissions it needs, or is blocking this type of operation.  Please consult with your SQL administrator for assistance with this configuration.



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