VWM0024 - Call flow creation exceeded 4 seconds

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VWM0024 - Call flow creation exceeded 4 seconds

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Bringing a Call Flow instance online from its source file exceeded the 4 second target time. 


Medium (Severe for high call load environments) 


When call load is low, the call flow startup is delayed, resulting in a longer wait time before callers hear an initial response from the system. The caller hears ringing for X seconds, where X is the time, as indicated in the logs, it took for the call flow to be created.

When call load is high, the impact will be more severe. Due to the internal workings of Windows Workflow 3.5, call flow creation must be performed one at a a time, sequentially. This can cause a backup of call flow creation requests, resulting in longer wait times for callers. For example, if call flow creation takes 4 seconds and 10 callers enter the system at approximately the same time, the first caller will wait 4 seconds, the second caller will wait 8 sectons, and the tenth caller will wait 40 seonds before the system responds to their call.


This is generally caused by attempting to run very large call flows containing hundreds of activities. To resolve this issue the only option is to reconfigure the Call flow structure to make use of Subroutines to break up sections of the Call flow into smaller chunks that can be Created on demand and so greatly lessen the initial impact on Call flow creation time.



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