Hot Fix KB89271 - Salesforce login error after applying

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Hot Fix KB89271 - Salesforce login error after applying

Article ID: 51693 - Last Review: October 31st, 2012


After upgrading to and converting your Salesforce installation to a v4.0 call center, some agents are unable to log into their phones on the Salesforce Connector. 


An error is thrown by the salesforce connector (at the top left of the website) which looks like the following:

Error 500 stream:1:illegal character ref at '(\u0002) logging into Salesforce 


The new salesforce connector attempts to cache a password in encrypted format, but can sometimes use a character that is not recognized by 


1. Download the attached KB89271.EXE hotfix to the Enterprise Server. 
2. Double click the KB89271.EXE file and follow the on-screen prompts
3. Ensure that everyone logs out of, and the Salesforce connector is closed, then re-launch them.  They will update from the server automatically.

NOTE: Applying this hotfix will shut down prairieFyre services for several minutes.  It is recommended to apply this hotfix outside of business hours or during a scheduled maintenance to avoid service interruption.


SalesForce on CCM

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