Hot Fix KB93944 - Timeout event not being processed

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Hot Fix KB93944 - Timeout event not being processed

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This hot fix addresses three issues:

  • A timeout occurs due to a lack of input, but the IVR Inbound service just hangs, rather than processing the timeout event properly (more information below).
  • DTMF digits periodically not being passed for condition evaluation.
  • A Ring-no-answer causing the IVR Inbound service to be restarted by the Service Monitoring Agent.



There are multiple ways that this can be seen.  In one case DTMF digits are pressed, but not processed and we don't continue to the timeout condition.  In another case no digits are pressed and we still do not continue to the timeout condition.

Despite the timeout period passing you do not see an event like the following in the device log:

Info: 20-11-2012 16:51:46   [1321-] - <activityMenu3:stPlay:Instr> - Processing Event [ActivityTimeoutEvent[5000ms[1321-] - <activityMenu3:stPlay:Instr>]]         (1321 -


This hot fix is to be installed on top of version of the prairieFyre IVR software.

  1. Download the attached KB93944.EXE file to the Enterprise server.
  2. Double click the KB93944.EXE file and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. Any remote servers will update the software automatically as long as the Updater service is running properly.

NOTE: Installing this hot fix will stop all IVR services.  To avoid any service impacting interruptions we recommend applying the hot fix after hours, or during a scheduled maintenance window.


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