DSS0003 - Telephone System Synchronization failed due to MiXML

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DSS0003 - Telephone System Synchronization failed due to MiXML

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The telephone system synchronization failed and the area of its failure was MiXML. 




The telephone system synchronization did not complete. 


If you have just upgraded the MiVoice Business software version, we recommend restarting the MiContact Center Business server.

Checking the telephone system synchronization logs may indicate what caused the error. Telephone System Synchronization logs can be found in [InstallDir]\CCM\Logs\ look for the prairieFyre.Services.DataSynchronizationService.TXT file.

If you cannot find the error’s cause in the Telephone System Synchronization logs, go through the following steps:
1. In Windows, navigate to the Control Panel and select MiXML
    The Mitel Networks MiXML Settings window opens.
2. Select the Settings tab.
3. After NIC IP, verify that the correct network card is selected from the drop-down list.
    If you have multiple network cards, the network card you require should be the one on the same subnet as the media server.
3. Stop the MiXML Service by clicking Stop MiXML Service. Once MiXML has stopped, restart it by clicking Start MiXML Service.
4. Ensure that port 18000 is open on any firewalls between the Enterprise Server and the media server.
5. Using a web browser, ensure that you can log into the media server via its IP address.
6. In the Mitel Communications Director, select System Administration Tool.
7. Select System Properties => System Administration => User Authorization Profiles.
8. Ensure that, for the username being used for synchronization, the User Authorization Profile has the following configuration:

  • Group Admin: True
  • System Admin: True
  • System Admin Policy Name: system
  • Application: True

If, after performing these steps, the media server still will not synchronize, please contact prairieFyre Customer Support.



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