Queue Now monitor shows no calls offered/handled

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Queue Now monitor shows no calls offered/handled

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In Contact Center Client, the Queue Now monitor shows no calls being offered or handled, or Queue Performance reports show zeros for offered and handled


Other monitors show agents taking ACD calls.

In the raw SMDR data we are not seeing standard path records that contain digits dialed like P100 200 200 to indicate that the call was sent to the path and handled by an agent group.

The site is using MCD 5.0 or higher


In MCD 5.0  the default COS for queues has been changed from 1 to 100.  The default configuration for COS 100 in MCD 5.0 has SMDR disabled.

NOTE: Another possible cause would be that calls are routing through a NuPoint hunt group before routing to the queues. The resolution would be the same, except the COS that needs to be modified is the one that is assigned to the NuPoint hunt group.


1. Log into the 3300 ESM
2. On the left click on System properties => System Feature Settings => Class of Service Options.
3. Click on COS 100 then click Change.
4. Scroll down to the SMDR and set SMDR External and SMDR Internal to Yes.
5. Click Save.

NOTE: Because this issue is caused by the PBX output, reporting will only be corrected from this point forward.  Old SMDR records are still missing information.


MCD 5.0  

Keywords: MCD 5.0 Queue Now offered handled peg pegging incrementing COS NuPoint

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