Extension is Disabled for Real-time after nightly maintenance

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Extension is Disabled for Real-time after nightly maintenance

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After nightly maintenance some extensions are being Disabled for real-time and reporting. 


  • You are running a hot desking environment.
  • Each night the extensions used by your ACD agents are being set to Disable Real-time and reporting.
  • You have Agent IDs and Extensions in YourSite Explorer that show the same reporting number.



You can not duplicate reporting numbers for your devices.  On the PBX, you will only have the Agent ID listed and not the Extension using the same reporting number.  During Telephone System Synchronization we see that the Extension does not exist on the PBX and flag it as a historical device.


This configuration error usually stems from confusion regarding how to log into PhoneSet Manager in the ContactCenterClient.  When you log into PSM, the process is as follows:

1. The PSM Configuration screen comes up either with your CCC profile or when you enable the softphone interface.
2. The hot desking Agent ID is associated to the username, so doesn't need to be specified.
3. The Configuration screen is asking for an Extension.  NOTE: The Extension we are looking for is the actual Extension that exists on the PBX which we are taking out of service.
4. Click the Add Extensions... button and select the Extension that you are taking out of service on log in (Your desk phone, your soft phone, etc.).
5. Click OK.
6. From the PSM toolbar click Actions => Agent Logon => Agents => Your Agent ID.
7. You are now logged in with your hot desking Agent ID, and your Extension is effectively the same as your Agent ID until you log off.


Log into YourSite Explorer, and remove any Extensions that duplicate the reporting number of an Agent ID. 


CCM All versions. 

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