HOWTO find all groups a device belongs to

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HOWTO find all groups a device belongs to

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You have an individual device (Agent, Extension, Queue, etc.) and need to quickly find out what Groups they belong to.  In YourSite Explorer this is a bit cumbersome, as you have to search the other way around (open Group, see Members).


The attached .ZIP file contains scripts for Agent, Extension, and Queue.  They can be modified to fit any group and device type.

1. Download the attached .ZIP file to a system with SQL Management Studio and access to the SQL server. 
2. Extract the .ZIP file.  Inside there are three SQL scripts to search by device (Agent, Extension, and Queue).
3. Double click the appropriate script to load it into SQL Management Studio.
4. Substitute a reporting number in place of the #### near the end of the script.  Be careful to keep the single quotes around your reporting number.
4. Click the Execute Now button at the top.  The scripts will return Names, and Reporting numbers for all groups the selected device belongs to.

NOTE: There are actually several forms of 'single quote', and SQL Management Studio is very particular.  If you get a syntax error, try removing the single quotes and re-adding them (on the key next to Enter with " and ' .)


CCM, all versions 

Keywords: device agent extension queue group lookup member membership

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