Config Service reaching out to time servers on Port 13

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Config Service reaching out to time servers on Port 13

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The Config Service is constantly reaching out to time servers on Port 13. 


The Desaware licensing module maintains a connection to time servers when set to a Demo license.  When a license is then transferred to a full on, this functionality is left running in the background.


If this polling of time servers needs to be stopped, we have added a manual configuration in to do so.

NOTE: There is a service restart required in this fix.  We recommend performing this outside business hours or during a scheduled maintenance window to avoid service interruption.  In the event that you must perform this during business hours, you will find that agents are unable to log in/out of any tools for 30 to 60 seconds when you restart the Config service.  In some cases they may need to log in again once it has restarted.

  1. Navigate to [Install Directory]\CCM\Services\ConfigService\
  2. Launch the GlobalAppSettingsEditor.exe .
  3. Fill in the following:
    • Application: [Leave Blank]
    • SectionGroup: prairieFyre.Configuration.EnterpriseServices.Properties.Settings
    • Name: LicensingInternetTimeServerCheckEnabled
    • Value: False
    • Description: [You can put a note here eg: Date, user, or brief explanation]
  4. Click Save.  NOTE: It can take up to a minute to save the changes.  Wait for confirmation before closing the application.
  5. Restart the MiContact Center Configuration Manager service.

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