INFO: How the Remote IVR Server is updated

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INFO: How the Remote IVR Server is updated

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When applying a software update to the prairieFyre Contact Center Solutions software, the patch is applied directly to the Enterprise Server (sometimes referred to as the 6110, or CCM server), and the Updater Service automatically deploys the updates to all other machines that need it.  In the case of a remote IVR server, the process is as follows:

1. The update is applied to the Enterprise Server.  This updates any files necessary and the manifest IDs for the affected modules.
2. The prairieFyre Updater Service on the remote IVR server polls the Enterprise server to it's manifest ID against the one on the Enterprise Server.
3. If the manifest ID indicates new software the prairieFyre Updater Service queries the prairieFyre IVR Inbound, IVR Outbound, and IVR UpIQ services to check if it is allowed to apply the update.  It will continue to poll the IVR services every 10 minutes until the updates are completed.
4. When the IVR services are queried, they check whether their individual Ports are idle.  If all ports are idle the service gives permission to update.  If any ports are in use, it will tell the Updater to wait.
5. Once the Updater Service gets the permission from an IVR service, it will then shut that service down, update the files, and start the service up again.
6. Once all the individual services have been updated, the prairieFyre Updater Service goes back to it's monitoring state, awaiting the next manifest ID.


To validate that the upgrade completed properly, you can check the UpdaterService.log file found in [Install Directory]\CCM\Logs\ .

You should see a line similar to the following, which will show you the version of software currently running on the system.

Info      2/8/2013 11:44:51 AM     Loaded PostTask: Assembly prairieFyre.Updater.Tasks, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null


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