5.10.2 - In Windows 8, after taking an ACD call you are in Work...

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5.10.2 - In Windows 8, after taking an ACD call you are in Work Timer, but the CCC shows you in the Idle column

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After taking an ACD call you are set to Work Timer, however in the CCC you show in the Idle column instead of Unavailable.


You may see an Access Denied error like the following:

Error:System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))
   at Microsoft.Office.Uc.ConversationWindowClass.Dock(Int32 _parentHWND)
   at Microsoft.Lync.Model.Extensibility.ConversationWindow.Dock_private(Int32 parentHWND)
   at Microsoft.Lync.Model.Extensibility.ConversationWindow.Dock(IntPtr parentHwnd)
   at prairieFyre.CustomControls.WPF.Views.ConversationWindowWrapper.<>c__DisplayClassa.<OnViewModelPropertyChanged>b__3(Object args) in C:\Root-Release\LyncCCMNext\Source\prairieFyre\CustomControls\WPF\Views\ConversationWindowWrapper.xaml.cs:line 257


This can be resolved by adjusting permissions granted.

1. Right-click My Computer then click COM Security => Properties
2. Click Edit Limits
3. Give the user having the issue remote access, remote launch, and remote activation
4. Go to DCOM Config, and find Windows Management Instrumentation.
5. Give the user remote launch, and remote activation.
6. Right-click the Ignite.EXE file and assign Read & execute, List Folder contents, Read, and Write.
7. Restart Ignite.

APPLIES TO with Windows 8. 

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