Hot Fix KB100832 - Callback reporting inaccuracies

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Hot Fix KB100832 - Callback reporting inaccuracies

Article ID: 51869 - Last Review: March 1, 2013


This hot fix addresses a number of reporting issues primarily related to Callback reporting in IVR.

  • TFS 101194 - - ALM0114 - VWM Enterprise Server failed to save Callback Request; SQlDateTime Overflow exception
  • TFS 101485 - -IVR reports showing no data on condition by branch for one branch
  • TFS 88738 - - IVR Callback Reporting some calls twice, and some agents rejecting callbacks twice
  • TFS 101872 - Agent Talk Time is incorrect for callbacks
  • TFS 102788 - Agent Performance by Callback Queue report showing double counts and durations
  • TFS 102794 - Callback Queue/Queue Group Performance By Agent reports showing data for irrelevant queue
  • TFS 102827 - Callback Queue/Queue Group Performance by period has a much higher callback offered than Callback Queue/Queue Group by Agent
  • TFS 102863 - Callback has not been handled but Callback Queue by Period has none zero handling time
  • TFS 103034 - After applying Hot Fix customer has to manually fix the database
  • TFS 103359 - Callback Queue Performance by Agent not reporting Callback handled correctly


This Hot Fix is to be applied on top of prairieFyre 6.0.2

1. Download the attached KB100832.EXE file to the enterprise server. 

2. Double-click the KB100832.EXE file and follow the on-screen prompts.

NOTE:  Applying this hot fix will stop and restart the prairieFyre services.  In order to avoid service impact, we recommend applying the hot fix after hours or during a scheduled maintenance window.



Keywords: callback branch ivr reporting 103359 103034 402863 102727 102794 102788 101872 88738 101485 101194

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