HowTo: Recreate the PFDSCACHE files safely

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HowTo: Recreate the PFDSCACHE files safely

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Under some circumstances deleting the PFDSCACHE is recommended in order to clear the cached data.   In order to do this safely, we recommend deleting specific items, rather than the entire folder.

Deleting the PbxConfig file in a multi-PBX environment can cause problems if a manual Telephone System Synchronization is performed, resulting in devices from other PBXs being disabled.  Note also, that any exclusion list you have configured for telephone system synchronization will be lost.  If you delete the PbxConfig folder, you must run an Enterprise Telephone System Settings Synchronization immediately (a sync that has all devices starting at the enterprise checked). 

Deleting the LocationTree file is not necessary, unless troubleshooting telephone system synchronization issues.  The folder will be recreated by saving a change to a phone number in YourSite Explorer.  You can also recreate it by restarting the Config service, however this is very processor intensive, taking several minutes and using an entire core of CPU for the process.  We recommend using the phone number change to recreate this file.


1. Go to YourSite Explorer.
2. Click the Tools tab at the top.
3. Click Reset Clients.  This will push the configuration to all clients again.

If this does not work, then try deleting the pfdscache.
1. Go to C:\ProgramData\pfdscache\
    NOTE: The \ProgramData\ folder is hidden. You will need to ensure that you can view hidden files and folders.
2. Delete or move to a backup location all files that begin with CACHE.
3. Do not delete the PbxConfig file or the LocationTree unless deemed necessary (telephone system synchronization issues will sometimes require these to be recreated).


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