Non-Compliant account code -1 should not be deleted

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Non-Compliant account code -1 should not be deleted

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You must not delete the -1 Non-Compliant account code form YourSite Explorer.  This code is used as a default code, and the system will not work properly without it. 


If the account code is deleted from YSE it is not as simple as re-adding it through the YSE interface, as the minus sign "-" is an invalid character in reporting numbers.  In order to re-add the account code, please do the following:  

1. Open YourSite Explorer, and click on Account Codes
2. Click the Add button at the top.
3. Create a new Account Code with the name Non-Compliant and a reporting number of 99999
If reporting number 99999 is already in use you can substitute any unique reporting number.
4. Download the attached NonCompliantFix.sql file to the server (you must have SQL Management Studio installed)
5. Double click the NonCompliantFix.sql file.  This will launch the SQL script in SQL Management Studio.
NOTE: If you substituted a different reporting number in step 3, you must edit it in the SQL script.
6. Click the Execute button at the top of SQL Management Studio.  Once you receive confirmation at the bottom of the script which will say: (1 row(s) affected) you can close SQL Management Studio.


CCM all versions

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