6.0.1 - How Forced Classification Codes work

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6.0.1 - How Forced Classification Codes work

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Because of changes in how Work Timer is configured starting in 6.0.1, the behavior of classification codes is also slightly different.  This article will show the different behaviors and what it would look like in raw ACD data. 

--k records get produced when a classification code is entered.  Generally speaking, every entry of a classification code gets counted in the crediting. So if an agent enters 5 classification codes during a call, all 5 of those codes are going to be credited in reporting.

The only time this will not be true involves the default non-compliant code. When we force classification code entry on work timer and a code isn't entered by the time work timer ends, the call is automatically assigned a default non-compliant code (-1).  With the new work timer we need to pre-emptively produce a non-compliant code as soon as work timer begins, which acts as a placeholder and will be overwritten by the entry of any normal classification code.


1. Classification Code Enforced, but no Classification Code was entered prior to work timer ending:
A --k record with -1 appears immediately following the work timer start L record. Nothing else needs to happen to satisfy the rules of forced Classification Codes. Work timer ends with the M record and the -1 will get processed as the code for this call.

19L1439092000   2000   00

--k1439093000   2000   -1


20J1439091124          002


36M1439242000   2000   00

2. Classification Code Enforced, and the agent enters code 6 during work timer:
The first --k record with -1 still appears at the beginning of work timer, immediately after the L record. The agent then enters classification code 6 during work timer. This code will override the -1 non-compliant code. The -1 will not be included in any of the reports in this scenario.

58L1425062000   2000   00

--k1425063000   2000   -1

59J1425061124          002


--k1425083000   2000   6

--m1425072000   2000   00127.0.0.1       Software WKT    User Action

63M1425092000   2000   00

3. Classification Code Enforced, and the agent enters code 3 during the call:
Note that the -1 non-compliant --k record does not appear in this scenario. We only produce that default record in situations where work timer has been entered without a previously entered classification code and classification codes are enforced.

47G143311P105   2000   00

--y143310|29|1|49|2000-|212810916|3005|78|2|516|7|9204|1124||0205||515|7|9204|2000|Steve Keeler|0205||0|F913F072A5C3006E8FD5|||

48I1433111124          00

--k1433203000   2000   3


63L1433252000   2000   00

64J1433251124          002

--m1433232000   2000   00127.0.0.1       Software WKT    User Action

65M1433252000   2000   00



CCM 6.0.1 and newer 

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