Unable to run SalesForce with SSL in the Call Center settings

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Unable to run SalesForce with SSL in the Call Center settings

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If you run SalesForce with SSL enabled in the Call Center settings, you may find that clicking the Connect CTI Adapter button does nothing. 


NOTE: This resolutiuon requires you to be running version or newer.

To install the generated certificates and private key on client machines and bind them to a port, follow these steps:

1. Open a command-prompt with administrator privileges.
2. Download the attached InstallCertForHttps.ZIP and unpack it into [INSTALL DIRECTORY]\CCM\Applications\SalesForceIntegration\ on the client computer.
3. Open a Command Prompt and go to [INSTALL DIRECTORY]\CCM\Applications\SalesForceIntegration\ .
4. Run the InstallCertForHttps.bat file from the Command Prompt.

You should be a success and should see output such as:

SSL Certificate bindings:

    IP:port                 :
    Certificate Hash        : e84812c5992958e542013dc7d5bf008790bcca83
    Application ID          : {f63657f9-c769-49f0-8037-5a593ee79744}
    Certificate Store Name  : (null)
    Verify Client Certificate Revocation    : Enabled
    Verify Revocation Using Cached Client Certificate Only    : Disabled
    Usage Check    : Enabled
    Revocation Freshness Time : 0
    URL Retrieval Timeout   : 0
    Ctl Identifier          : (null)
    Ctl Store Name          : (null)
    DS Mapper Usage    : Disabled
    Negotiate Client Certificate    : Disabled
If not then contact support.

NOTE: The Call Center setup in Salesforce should be modified as well.



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