HOWTO: IVR - Returning multiple results with a query

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HOWTO: IVR - Returning multiple results with a query

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Returning multiple results with a query 

The Query activity supports returning multiple results from a query. When a Query activity returns multiple results from a query, the Success branch is followed for each result. When there are no more results, the message exits the Success branch of the Query activity and continues along the workflow.
Multiple result returning Query activities enable contact centers to build more complex call flow functions, such as providing callers access to an employee directory. In Figure 1 - 1, we see an example where the enclosed numbers indicate the consecutive steps of a multiple result-returning call flow for an employee directory.

Figure 1 - 1

The employee directory call flow works as follows for returning multiple results:

1. The Collect digits activity collects the first three letters of an employee’s name as entered by a caller. This is filled into a variable.
2. In the Query activity, a database with employee names, extensions, and a .wav file that plays the employee’s name is queried with the variable. The query fills two more variables: one with the UNC file path to the .wav file playing the employee’s name and the other with that employee’s extension.
3. The UNC file path variable is used as a dynamic prompt with the Play activity in the Success branch of the Query, playing to the caller the name of the first returned result.
4. The menu’s instruction prompt then asks the caller to dial 1 if that is the employee they are looking to call or dial 2 if they would like to hear the next result.
5. If the caller dials 1, they are taken to the Transfer activity, which uses the extension variable filled by the Query to transfer the caller to the desired extension.
6. If the caller dials 2, they proceed to the end of the Success branch, which then loops once more with the next result of the query.



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