Enterprise Server and Config services reporting MSMQ errors

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Enterprise Server and Config services reporting MSMQ errors

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The Enterprise Server and Config services are reporting MSMQ errors. 



  • You are running CCM version or higher
  • The system restarted or you have completed an upgrade to one of the affected versions.
  • The Server Monitoring Agent stops shortly after you try to start it.
  • The Message Queueing service is stuck in "stopping" state.


After the restart, the Message Queuing (MSMQ) .mq files will become corrupted. The default location on a Windows Server 2003 machine for these files is:


To resolve the situation:
1. Stop and disable the MSMQ service
2. End the mqsvc.exe process
3. Delete the .mq files.
4. Re-enable and restart MSMQ, and it will create new and uncorrupted files.
5. Once MSMQ is functional, the prairieFyre services will stop throwing errors and SMA should be able to start again.

To avoid the error reoccurring, do not disable the Server Monitoring Agent.

NOTE: These issues may re-occur due to limitations of the operating system.  We have found 64-bit operating systems less commonly exhibiting this error, but not entirely removing the chance of encountering it.



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