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HowTo: Configure and log into a General Business Hot Desking User in Contact Center Client

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A General Business Hot Desking User is an Extension that follows the user where it logs in.  Much like a Hot Desking ACD Agent, when you log in as the General Business Hot Desking User, you take the existing extension out of service and as long as you are logged in the phone answers for your General Business Hot Desking User extension.


First, you need to configure your Hot Desking Users on the PBX.  The image below shows the basic configuration:

Next, run a Telephone System Synchronization from YourSite Explorer to bring down the user.
1. Open YourSite Explorer.
2. Go to Media Servers on the left.
3. Click on the Media Server with your new user.
4. Click the Telephone system tab at the top.
5. Click the Run button on the top right.
6. Ensure that the Synchronization screen is set to Full Synchronization and click Next.
7. Follow the on-screen prompts.

When finished, the Hot Desking User will populate in YourSite Explorer as a General Business Hot Desking User under the Extensions category.

NOTE: If this user was set up on the PBX as an External Hot Desking Users you can set that here as well (as in the example above)

In YourSite Explorer you now need to associate the Hot Desking User and any Extensions that that they may use to an Employee.

1. Open YourSite Explorer (if it is not already open).
2. Go to Employees on the left.
3. Select the employee that will use this Hot Desking User
4. In the middle of the screen click the Extensions tab.
5. Select the Hot Desking User and any Extensions the Employee will use, then click the Right Arrow in the middle.
6. Click Save at the top.


When you log into the Contact Center Client, you should now have an option in the PhoneSet Manager interface to Log In > Hot Desking User.   Select the Hot Desking User, and you will connect using that extension.


CCC 6.0 

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