HowTo: Set up redundant IVR ports

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HowTo: Set up redundant IVR ports

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Setting up redundant IVR ports is simply a matter of licensing.  All redundancy is handled automatically.

For example, if you had 10 normal IVR ports, and 10 redundant ports licensed you would set them up as follows:

1. Install remote IVR software on Server A, and Server B
2. Program the ports on your 3300 PBXs.  10 on PBX A, and 10 on PBX B.
3. In YourSite Explorer configure all 20 ports normally, ensuring they are associated to the correct remote IVR server.

This will bring all 20 ports into service, but IVR knows that only 10 can be processing calls at any given time due to your licensing.  If one of the IVR servers goes down, we will automatically switch to the ports that we can still reach.


IVR Redundant Ports 

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